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Fuze on Fourth

Address: 2116 4th Street SW, T2S 0H3    Phone: (403) 457-4481

Cuisine: Fusion
Neighborhood: Mission
Price: $10 to $15
Atmosphere: Casual Dining
Payment Types: Cash


Gary Dayanandan, Executive Chef, Fuze on Fourth Calgary

When did you first develop your love of cooking?
I think when I read my first cookbook and actually started cooking. The more I cooked the more I started to love it. I was very young in England and my father had an old cookbook called the Pelleprat, sort of an old classic style book and I loved looking at the pictures.

Was there a particular event that convinced you to become a chef?
My Father was a Chef for his whole life spending twenty years at the Edmonton Petroleum Club as Exec Chef and my brother is a Chef currently as Exec Chef at the Hilton Hotel in Austin Texas, so it's kind of a family thing.

Did you have a mentor getting started? Who do you admire in the restaurant industry today?
I think my first chef, Bruno Brogi was one of my biggest influences and as far as todays Chefs go I have always loved Marc Meneau in Vezelay, one of the old French Chefs as well as some of the newer French Chefs like Alain Passard. In the Calgary area I am a fan of Jan at Crazy Weed in Canmore and Paul at Rouge.

From where do you source your ingredients?
Anything from anywhere. Speciallity food stores, local suppliers.

Awareness and incidence of Celiac Disease seems to be a growing concern. What precautions do you take and what dishes do you like to prepare for those with this condition?
We do have a good selection of alternative vegetarian items on our menu and our south indian chick pea stew is both vegan and gluten free.

What was the concept behind the menu?
We are not a restaurant with any type of national identity so we have free range to do any type of cuisine we like. I think we are most influenced by food with flavor, asia, india in particular but we do love european ifluences as well, spain, france, itlay. Really, anything that is good.

Aside from your own, what are some of your favourite restaurants?
Crazyweed Canmore and Rouge.

Do you have a favorite dish for friends/family?
My Curry Chicken or my Braised Short ribs.

What's your favourite ingredient?
Kaffir Lime Leaves

What other food trends have you noticed recently?
more simple food being prepared properly. Things like roast chicken etc. Currently we offer every Sunday a simple roast beef with yorkshire pudding and roast potatoes, nothing extravagant just simple food done well.

Where else in the world have you practiced? How do the preparation and presentation styles differ between there and Calgary?
I have worked In England at the Bear Hotel in Woodstock as well as working in Switzerland at the Beau Rivage in Lausanne and The Eden au Lac in Montreux. I also had a chance to work for a short while in France with Chef Dominique Quay at the Chateau de Fere as well as spending two years in Saint Johns at the Hotel Newfoundland. As you can imagine, the food styles were very different in all those locations.
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